Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

When will Ready Life products be available?

Sign up to join the Ready Life neighborhood so we can keep you updated on our product launch timing. Joining the Ready Life neighborhood will also reserve your spot to access our mortgage approval program by opening a Ready Pay account. We’ll let you know when it’s time to apply for the Ready Pay digital deposit account and debit card for consumer use to get you started on your journey to becoming a homeowner and our merchant services for businesses through our partnership with Figure Payments Corporation.

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If I join Ready Life, am I obligated to receive anything?

No, by signing up for Ready Life we will send you company and product updates. Anyone can download the Ready Life App when it becomes available.

Who can sign up to join Ready Life?

Ready Life is for everyone. Ready Life products and services are available in the states listed in our FAQs. In order to use Ready Life products, you must reside in one of the states where our products are active and be 18 years of age or older.

Is Ready Life the only existing Black-owned Fintech in this space?

Yes. There are many black-owned fintech companies, but Ready Life is the first of its kind to ever offer a mortgage program that does not consider credit scores as a driving factor in the approval process.

Is Ready Life part of the National Black Bank Foundation?

Ready Life’s Founder and CEO, Ashley D. Bell, along with Rev. Dr. Bernice King Founded the National Black Bank Foundation. Ashley Bell is the Founder of Ready Life and Rev. Dr. Bernice King is the Chair for the Ready Life Advisory Council.

How Does Ready Life assist overlooked communities?

Ready Life offers a new pathway to homeownership. Ready Life also utilizes banks who have a dedication to serving overlooked communities and have active local involvement to finance the debit cards, which keeps dollars flowing in the local  economy providing more credit options for the overlooked communities.

Do you have an affiliate program or looking to partner with like-minded businesses?

We are currently evaluating potential partnership opportunities. If you are interested in partnering with Ready Life, please click below to submit your contact information.

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Our Products

Ready Pay

What is Ready Pay?

Ready Pay is a digital deposit and payment account offered in partnership with Figure Payments Corporation. With a Ready Pay digital account, you can make direct deposits and get access to paychecks up to 3 days early, send peer to peer transactions, and obtain a debit card. Qualifying payments made through your Ready Pay app can also provide a path toward home ownership with our mortgage approval program. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase a home through our program you can apply for a Ready Pay account and use it for your everyday purchases1.

Where is Ready Pay Available?

Ready Pay will be available everywhere except New York and Hawaii.

1 Figure Payments Corporation provides all money transmission services for Ready Pay and ready Business but is not associated with any other services or products offered by Ready Life.
Terms and conditions apply.

Ready Mortgage

When will Ready Mortgage be available?

We are launching the Ready Pay product which will start you on your journey to home ownership in the next few months. Join the Ready Life community today and reserve your spot to access our mortgage approval program. Limited to 100,000 mortgages.

How do I qualify for a mortgage without needing a credit score?

With your consent, Ready Life uses data from your Ready Pay account to determine your willingness and ability to pay over a time period not less than 6 months as part of our mortgage approval program.

Do I have to use Ready Pay to participate in the mortgage approval program?

Yes, we use your account data such as deposit and spending habits with rent payments as a main driver as our primary criteria for Ready Mortgage program eligibility. 

Is there a dollar limit on the mortgage provided by Ready Mortgage?

- Mortgages aren’t subject to specific limits, but are based upon your ability to pay a specific monthly amount towards your mortgage. This will typically be equivalent to or less than your current monthly rent payment. 
- A down payment towards your home will also be taken into consideration and Ready will have down payment assistance programs available for those who need it. 

Ready Merchant

What is Ready Merchant?

- Ready Merchant is a retail merchant payment platform that allows businesses to get paid for goods and services immediately and directly with lower transaction fees.
- Up to 80% savings on transaction fees compared to traditional payment platforms.
- Instant settlement for payments. Transactions are processed in real-time.
- Contactless payments and no equipment to buy. 
- Secure technology enables merchants and customers to transact directly, reducing costs and friction in the process.
- Plaid technology is used to securely connect to your external bank accounts. 
- Ready Merchant is a way for small businesses to keep more money in the community and promote a new way of accepting payments through distributed ledger technology.